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Coffee: Behind the Drink

Coffee is a major part of western society in this day and age so it is important to understand how it came to play such a role in modern cultures. Find out more here. 

This is a unique drink. It holds a social role in our lives that no other drink possesses. It is not only popular but it is also socially acceptable to drink at all hours and can be used as a prop to enhance social interaction. However, not many people are aware of how it came to be in its current form. 

As a brewed drink that comes from roasted seeds, coffee is enjoyed all over the world but has become a huge element in western society. Whether people drink it to get an energy boost first thing in the morning, whilst meeting up with friends or just because they like it, it is one of the most frequently consumed drinks in the world. 

Coffee can be found in a several areas around the world such as South America, Asia and Africa. However, it is most popular in a social context in Europe and North America. 

It is believed that Ethiopians were the first people to discover the potential of coffee bean plants. They looked at methods of cultivated the seed and producing a substance from the plants. However, there is little solid evidence of where the first coffee production came from. 

The first coffeehouse in the world opened up in 1554 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then, the number of coffeehouses around the world has multiplied on a yearly basis. From 1670, after Sufi Baba Budan first smuggled coffee beans out of Yemen to India, the drink spread to Europe, Asia and the Americas. 

In 1645, the first coffeehouse in Europe opened in Italy. The Dutch became the first European nation to really embrace the importation of the beverage and it wasn't long before Britain followed the trend. Coffee became really popular in the Americas in the 19th century during the Revolutionary War when the English reduced tea supplies to the Americans. Demand for the hot beverage increased and the continent has not looked back. The popularity of this drink in the western world has allowed many third world countries and South American countries to benefit from its production. 

Coffee is now such a key part of everyday life that it seems hard to imagine a time without it. With so many different varieties, tastes, flavors and brands it is a growing industry that is showing no signs of slowing down. 

People rely on it more than ever now. It can be used as an excuse by one individual to ask another individual on a date. It can be used as a social medium for friends to meet and catch up. It can also just be enjoyed as a satisfying drink. 

Coffee has played such a huge part in society and still does. With more coffeehouses and companies producing it than ever before, this is certainly a boom period for this drink and with many brands still using third world and South American producers, it is an industry which hasn't forgotten its roots.

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