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Coffee Producing Countries

Coffee is produced all over the world. It mainly comes from countries in the southern hemisphere. It is preferably produced in countries with areas of land at a high altitude. Here is a list of the major coffee producing countries. 


Over 25% of the world’s coffee production comes from Brazil which makes the country the largest exporter of coffee in the world. The large percentage of coffee produced in Brazil is Arabica. Coffee production in Brazil can be traced as far back as 1727. 


Famous for producing some of the finest coffee in the world, Colombia has a reputation for producing coffee and exporting it to some of the world’s major brands. Coffee wasn’t produced in Colombia until the early 1800s, a while after it began in Brazil, but it has thrived on the industry since. Bourbon, Caturra and Typica are the main types of coffee produced in Colombia. 

Costa Rica  

The unique climate and growing conditions in Costa Rica allow it flexibility when it comes to producing coffee. The mountains in Costa Rica are the home to some intense coffee production which sees coffee hold a more crisp and light flavour. 


Believed to be one of the first areas in the world to produce coffee, Ethiopia still holds a reputation for producing some of the most beautiful coffee. Its exotic aroma and taste is unrivalled and despite not being the most popular coffee, it attracts a constant stream of interest thanks to its production of Harrar and Ghimbi types of coffee. 


Guatemala is all about variety thanks to the wide range of growing conditions that the coffee is exposed to. This means all sorts of coffee are produced here. Again, it is not the biggest producer of coffee but the diversity of its growing environment means it always has demand for its produce. 


Coffee in India has its target audience. Indian tea is more popular but its coffee is also in demand across the region of Asia but compared to the beans grown in Brazil and Colombia, there is not really much competition, holding a more spicy essence. 


The coffee produced here can only be described as coffee that is of an acquired taste. It is smoother than most but also a bit darker and blunter in flavour and aroma. Popular in the East but not as popular in Western culture where the sweeter aromatic coffee is preferred. 

Other countries such as Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Peru, Bolivia, Phillipines, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Venezuela also produce coffee but the quality is nowhere near the standard of the leading countries listed above. Ultimately, different cultures and societies have different views on what is considered a tasteful type of coffee. The palates of those in Europe and North America differ from those in Asia and Africa. It is purely a matter of taste.

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