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Coffee in Numbers

Everybody knows that coffee is popular and that almost everyone drinks at least one cup o’ Joe a day. But how many cups do people really drink? Do men drink more than women? Do they prefer different types of drinks?  Do young drink more or less than older people? To answer all these questions we have gathered information from several sources, like the Harvard School of Public Health as seen in  to create the big coffee numbers project. It tackles the more interesting questions regarding this popular drink and gives some insight about drinking habits in our society.

Here are our findings:

More than half of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis. This means that almost half don’t. Isn’t it surprising? We would have expected that 80% will be drinking coffee on a daily basis.

Those who drink the beverage consume a whopping amount of 3.1 cups every day. That’s an average of course. Some drink much more than that.

Most People drink a cup in the morning with their breakfast,  but many like to drink it between meals as well. Only 5% drink it with Lunch or dinner.

The coffee market is huge. The US alone spends more than 40 billion USD on the beverage. Just imagine the total spend in the entire world.

It seems that men drink more than women; however, women drink fancier drinks like Cappuccino, Espresso or Latte. What does this say about the difference in genders? Women prefer quality over quantity?

The young drink more Iced coffee beverages and are willing to spend more money on their drink.

College students are especially fond of coffee and coffee is one of the top drinks in colleges and universities

So what do you say? Are you surprised with the findings in this article? Did you think that women don’t drink as much coffee as men? Do you agree that college students are so fond of coffee? Does it make sense that young people go for the ice drinks?  If you have any additional information feel free to share it with us.

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